Vases, Planters and Jars

Porcelain Fishbowl

Porcelain fishbowl with English hunting scene design

Size: 24″ X 20″ H

Porcelain Famille Rose Planter

Porcelain Famille rose planter with twin phoenix designs and foo dog ears.  (Mrs. Nancy Reagan’s favorite pattern). 

Size:  19″ D X 13.5″ H

Painted Fishbowl Planters

Big porcelain Famille norie hand blown and painted fishbowl planters. One pair available. 

Size:  30” D X 28″ H

Hand Crafted Fish Bowl

Porcelain Sang de Bouef (Oxblood)  hand crafted fish bowl.  

Fishbowl Planter

Famille rose hand painted enamal glaze fishbowl planter with Lotus design.

Size: 28″ X 24,5″ H

Painted Famille Rose Vase

Fine porcelain hand painted Famille rose vase with twin phoenix design.  Phoenix is a symbol of a Queen.

Size:  16″ D X 23″ H

Glaze Vases

Porcelain hand moulded and painted celadon glaze palace vases.

Size:  18″ D  X 72″ H

Porcelain Temple Jar

Porcelain hand crafted and painted Temple jar with flowers and birds design.  Foo dog lid, foo dogs brings all kind of good fortune.

Size:  18″ D x 32″ H

Porcelain Vases

Hand crafted and painted fine porcelain Famille rose vases with children.  The paintings are mirror opposite.
Size: 17″ D X 37″ H

Enamel Glaze and Gold Gilt Palace Vases

Hand crafted and painted porcelain Famille rose enamel glaze and gold gilt palace vases with court yard scene.  Enamel glaze is the top quality.
Flowers bring prosperity and vines bring success after success.

Size:  21″ X 12″ X 73″ H

Coming in Mid-October

Size:  18″ X 55″H