Oriental Statues


One of a kind wooden hand carved statue at very reasonable price.  This is a Bodhisattva bringing blessings and protection.


Size:  7″ X 7″ X 23″ H

Bronze Buddha

Sitting bronze Buddha on lotus base.

13″   X  9.5″  X 19.5″ H

Buddha Head

Hand carved black marble Buddha head bringing wisdom and luck.

Size: 13″ X 13″ X 21″ H

Standing Buddha

Natural stone hand carved Buddha, receiving and bringing good luck and blessings.

Size: 14″ w X 7″  X 48″ Tall

Black Marble Buddha head

Hand carved black marble Buddha head with stone base.

Size:   11″ X 11″ X 18″ H

Tsin Soldier

Hand-carved Natural Stone. An excellent replica of the original one from the tomb.

Size:  12″ X 6″ X 38″ H

Bronze Buddha

Unique high quality bronze sitting Buddha receiving and manifesting wealth, health and prosperity.

Size: 14″ X 10.5″ X 17″ H

Happy Sitting Buddha

Cloisonné Happy Sitting Buddha bringing wealth and happiness.

Size:  8″ X 7″ X 10″ H

Cloisonné Buddha

Sitting Cloisonné Buddha bringing treasures.

Size: 13″ X 8.5″ X 17.5 ” Tall

Bronze Foo Dogs

Bronze Foo Dogs with sliver glaze that promotes harmony, protection, wealth, heath and prosperity.

Large: 6″ X 10.5″  X  10″ H
Medium: 5″ X  9″  X 8″ H
Small: 3.5″ X 5.5″  X 6″ H

Standing Buddha

Hand crafted natural granite stone standing Buddha bringing blessings and protection.


Size:  21″ X 12″ X 73″ H

Bronze Kwan Yin

Multi arms fine bronze Kwan yin, Goddess of compassion,  healing and  blessings.

Size: 7′ X 6″ X 14.5″ H

Porcelain Kwan Yin on Dragon

One of a kind fine porcelain Kwan yin riding on a dragon.  She is the Goddess of mercy.  Bringing helps to anyone who asks.

Size:  4″ X 6.5″  X 16.5H

Stone Foo Dogs

Hand carved marble foo dogs, one male and one female, working together to protect the house hold, bring harmony, wealth, luck and blessings.

Size: 4.5″  X 6″  X 12″ H (up to 12 ft tall)

Bronze Four Face Buddha

Bronze four face Buddha observing from all angles.

Size:  8″ X 6″ X 12″ H

Black Marble Meditation Buddha

Size: 40” tall

Coming in Mid-October

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Kwan Yin Marble Statue